Double R Ranch Beef

Bringing the Best of the Northwest to you

We are proud to continue our 78 year tradition of bringing you the best the Northwest has to offer. That's why we're delighted to be the exclusive grocer for Double R Ranch beef, home of the best tasting premium beef from right here in the Pacific Northwest.

The Double R Ranch Story

Nestled in the heart of the Okanogan region, sits 70,000 acres of pristine wilderness that's home to the Double R Ranch. The Ranchers of Double R are not only dedicated to raising premium beef cattle, they're also deeply committed to environmental stewardship and preserving this picturesque land. They strive to create a model of sustainability that can be passed on to future generations.

At Double R Ranch, stewardship and sustainability are a way of life. From locally sourced feed and grain, conscientious use of resources, to their extensive use of hydroelectric power, it all adds up to a carbon footprint 40% lower than similar ranches in the mid-west.

Tender and Juicy Results

What results from Double R Ranch's commitment to quality is beef with unmatched flavor and tenderness which you'll experience the first time you take a bite. Double R Ranch beef is the necessary ingredient to turn the most humble dish into a five star meal. That's why Double R Ranch beef is served in the finest restaurants in the northwest, and now on your dinner plate at home. And you'll feel good knowing the beef you buy from TOP is not only delicious; it's produced by sound, sustainable practices, and supports your local ranchers and beef producers.