Crew Awareness Program

Confidential Communication Program

Have something confidential in nature on your mind? Don't know who to go to? Now you can communicate your concerns in complete anonymity. Human Resource issues, Loss Prevention issues any issue that you would like to share anonymously. CAP is your link to reporting any issue that that is of concern to you. We strive to create a trusted & crew focused workplace & CAP is another distinct way we can provide you with a more enjoyable & respectful environment.

CAP is easy to use & offers:

  • 24/7 access with messages checked daily
  • Convenient toll-free number and web link
  • Guaranteed response when you ask for a call-back
  • Confidential way to report your concerns to multiple departments with a single call
  • Your CAP calls and emails are received by a 3rd party ensuring your privacy
  • All verified and actionable information will be eligible for a cash incentive paid directly to you via a 3rd party, again assuring your anonymity is maintained.

To report your confidential concerns any day, any time...

Call: 1-877-642-4436


Please remember that while this toll-free number offers an anonymous way to report a concern, your store management team, the Human Resources & Loss Prevention departments are always available to have a private conversation with you. If you are comfortable speaking with someone directly don’t hesitate to speak with these professionals.

Nothing can replace 911 for serious emergencies. If you are involved in a violent or threatening situation call the authorities immediately.