Celebrate the Changing Season
Another delightful but short Northwest summer comes to a close. However, fall is my favorite season. One of the reasons being it brings the bounty of harvest to the table. What better way to celebrate the joys of the changing season than with some fabulous, soul-warming fall-themed fare! » Read More

Fresh and Local Ingredients
Prepare these recipes with fresh and local ingredients and see how enjoyable and beneficial a meal can be when you know it comes from your own backyard. » Read More

Summertime Barbecue Picnic
BBQ Chicken Kebabs, Vegetables on the Grill, Strawberry Fruit Salad... » Read More

Copper River Salmon
The Copper River salmon season has begun and our seafood department is stocked with the highest quality fish, delivered fresh right from the source. » Read More

Cinco de Mayo
Cinco de Mayo Fiesta, from Chef James Valentine » Read More

What is Gluten and Why is Gluten Free Important?
Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye, barley and some lesser known grains. Gluten is elastic (think of bread rising) and is the reason baked products do not turn into a pile of crumbs when sliced or handled. Some people are highly sensitive to gluten, some to the point of having a disease called celiac sprue. » Read More