Ready for a Little Local Flavor?

Introducing Seattle’s very own Ebb+Flow

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Spirits Now Available!

Why Limit Happy to Just an Hour?

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Your Other Wine Will Never Know

You’ve been with your current wine for some time now. And things are fine. But maybe fine isn’t good enough. Maybe you’re bored. Maybe your eyes are starting to wander. And here we are. And here you are. And we’re not going to say anything... » Read More

Cooking with Wine
So, for cooking with wine, I’ve found it doesn’t matter how good the wine is. Some people may say otherwise, but if you end up picking out a wine you don’t love…save it for cooking. » Read More

Nothing to Wine About, So Pull Up a Beer
As I looked around on New Years Eve, I noticed, I was the only one drinking white wine. Sure everyone was going to drink sparkling wine at midnight (more on that later), but I had the whole bottle of Pinot Grigio to myself. At that moment I knew what my New Years Resolution would venture out and find a red wine that satisfies my taste buds! So I started right away! » Read More

Bubbly Champagne!
Nothing adds sparkle to the holidays like a bottle of bright, bubbly champagne! As Dom Perignon was reputed to say when he tasted his first glass of sparkling wine, "Come quickly, I am drinking stars". » Read More

NEW F8 Reserve Socorro Red

The new addition to our very successful F8 line was made to our specifications for and with feedback from our many red blend lovers. » Read More

Red Halo Pinot Noir

Battle Creek Vineyard is set among the peaceful, rolling hills of the beautiful Willamette Valley, Battle Creek Vineyards is a picture of abundance as it stretches out across 135 acres under an expansive, generous sky. » Read More

Washington Wine Month

August is Washington Wine Month! The Blind Boar Wine Company is a collaborative project by Dusted Valley and leading winegrowers throughout Washington State. » Read More

Great New Wines from Argentina!
Certainly one of the "hottest" wine regions this year is Argentina...and not only because of the famous wines made from Malbec—that bold, intense, self-indulgent, fruit-bomb that has almost everyone trying every brand they can lay their hands on. » Read More

June Wine Specials
We have to hope that we'll get some good weather soon; let's talk about some wines that refresh either actually or figuratively since they are different from the majority of wines. » Read More

May Wine Specials
Brand new this month, a pair of additions from Sassetto, our best selling Italian Brand. Sassetto Prosecco D.O.C. » Read More

Happy April Everyone!
There are lots of wine opportunities this month; family gatherings for the holidays mean that you're looking for wines that are good matches for your menu choices as well as them being good values. We've got you covered for all that—and more! » Read More

Kevin in Argentina - Day 5
This is our last full day in Argentina—and what a day. We began at the Zolo winery and were again hosted by owner Patricia Ortiz and winemaker Fabian Valenzuela. Zolo is produced at one of the most technologically advanced wineries in Argentina. They select grapes from estate vineyards throughout the different key regions of Mendoza. » Read More

Kevin in Argentina - Day 4
Today it was off to the home of the Karim Mussi Sallie, owner and winemaker for Altocedro, which means "tall cedar," thus named for the 17 cedars that surround the winery. Karim and his family have been part of the wine industry for thirty years. » Read More

Kevin in Argentina - Day 3
Tapiz is one of Argentina's most technologically advanced wineries, and boasts some of Mendoza's finest and highest estate vineyards. International Wine Cellar writer Stephen Tanzer has called their bottlings "Genuinely Excellent Wines." » Read More

Kevin in Argentina - Day 2
On this hot, sunny day with blue skies overhead and giant thunderclouds over the Andes, we took a thirty-minute drive to the Lamadrid vineyards and winery, owned by Guillermo García Lamadrid. His winemaker, Hector Durigutti, has firmly put his stamp on this wine. » Read More

Kevin in Argentina - Day 1
This was a long day of traveling, but I'm here in Mendoza now and I can report that the efforts were well worth it. After making the last leg of our trip from Santiago, Chile to Mendoza, we took a little time to relax before meeting our hosts for dinner. » Read More